Weather App’

Weather App
Do you want to see the weather forecast of your location or any other location on the planet? With the help of Weather App this becomes all very simple. With this app you can easily see the current weather, the weather forecast and radar images of any location.

How it Works?
Getting started is simple. Just add the locations that you are interested in and view the weather forecast of that location.

Basic Features
* View the weather forecast of any location you want
* See when it will start raining
* See the temperature chart for today and tomorrow
* See the wind chart for today and tomorrow

It really is that simple to view the weather forecast with the help of Weather App. Go on give it a try.
If you have any queries or issues for which you need our assistance: Feel free to mail us, contact info is in the app.

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High winds represent a hazard for those working in the construction industry – whether on constructions sites, roofs, tall structures or cranes.

WINDCRANE gives you full remote access on your mobile to all your WINDCRANE monitoring devices in a simple and efficient format. View all your favourite sites with a traffic colour system to indicate which sites are experiencing high wind speeds.

Get live notifications of the sites experiencing high winds with custom alerts for your fleet.

Access WINDCRANE platform to retrieve historical archive of wind data for weather claims.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to use this App you will need a WINDCRANE remote monitoring system and a WINDCRANE account. Without them, this App will not work

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Weather Status

Leave the house prepared and don’t meet bad weather’s surprise! Plan your day, arrange your work; so make the most of your day.

As soon as you start using Weather Status, it shows the weather forecast for your location. Additionally, it delivers you the forecast of the upcoming hours and days. It enables you to see the rainy areas on a map.

It does not give all this information just for your location, it also provides forecasts for the locations you want to follow. You may add locations by city/town names or by postal codes and start following.

For the notification center with the help of weather forecast widget, you can follow your current location’s weather and temperature hour by hour throughout the day. You may determine times for morning and evening for your current location and receive notifications throughout the day and for the next day.

In addition to these, as a premium user with a monthly membership;
– you can get forecasts for 10 days instead of 5,
– you can recieve alerts in severe climate changes,
– you can use the application without advertisements.

To be able to access all features of the Weather Status application, you need to allow access to the following:
* Your Location – while you are active or travelling to send you the right forecast or notifications;
* Notifications – not to miss any significant weather events

About memberships:
Membership is for one month, renewed monthly, and the fee is 1,99$.

* Payment after being approved will be collected from your iTunes account
* Membership will be renewed automatically within 24 hours of expiration unless automatic renewal is turned off less.
* The current account will be renewed and charged for the renewal fee within 24 hours of expiration.
* Memberships are administered by the users. Automatic subscription renewal can be turned off from the iTunes Account.
* During active subscription cancellation is not accepted.
* Payments will be charged to your iTunes account after your purchase.
* Automatic subscription renewal will be applied in 24 hours unless cancelled.
* You may cancel your subscription via:

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Released: 2017-12-12 06:50:39
Version: 1.0
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Weather live – radar, realtime

Weather live is a beautiful, application that includes many cool widgets. Update the current weather in the place where you live and all the city, national of the world with live icons for all weather conditions.

This is a useful application for everyone, designed simple, easy to use. It automatically searches for your address and updates your local weather situation quickly.
With just one click you can check the weather conditions for today, check weather forecasts tomorrow; hourly and long term weather forecast.

This app shows real-time, daily, hourly, provides sunrise and sunset times according to city/national time zone

The Weather app supports all smartphones, tablets.


– Updated weather forecast information accurate daily, weekly.
– Accurate precipitation forecasts for each locality and region around the world, including rainfall, intensity, wind pressure, etc.
– Weather forecast for today, tomorrow, the next 3 days, even extended the weather forecast of the next 10 days in the provinces /cities of countries around the world such as Canada, United States (US), Brazil, United Kingdom (UK), Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Russia, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Venezuela, Australia, India, Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, …
– The weather channel displays the information: Temperature, humidity, fog, sunshine, rain, UV index, wind symbol, pressure, sunrise /sunset.
– App has beautiful widgets, animations suitable for all phones and great experiences on all tablets and smartphones from IOS
– Live weather forecast, it provides interstate travel weather forecasts, cities, countries in the world.
– Automatically detects your location and retrieves the latest weather conditions for your current location when you moving, both network and GPS supported
– Weather forecast accurate even GPS, network is not enabled, awesome!
– Live weather report in status bar can help you better plan your day and your travels with weather warnings and alerts updates.
– Add and track weather forecast for all your favorite cities and destinations: Washington (US), New York, Ottawa, London (UK), Rome, Madrid, Oslo, Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Athens, Ankara, Stockholm, Caracas, Madrid, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Hanoi, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur …In addition, you can also monitor underground weather, marine weather forecast.
– Update and report on the situation of underground weather, marine weather: humidity, intensity, wind pressure, fog, precipitation, …
– Stay update the latest weather forecast channel for your phone. You can share apps and invite your friends.
– Updated weather condition more from the weather radar with added future radar in the latest version.
Coming soon:
– Weather radar, live weather radar and radar

– Weather forecast is localized all languages in the world.

Enjoying your beautiful life with our weather live!

Permission in this app:
Location service: We use location service in order to only get weather data for your current location. This is the main feature of the app
We DO NOT collect, store or use any other information.…/id1260424046?mt=8&uo=4

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Version: 1.0
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用简洁美观画风的 app来获取天气预报信息。





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Version: 1.0
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Solar Monitor 3

At a glance you acquire the current solar and geomagnetic activity. High resolution images of the Sun are taking your breath away. The Sun is being displayed in near real-time. Minute-by-minute updates of solar wind speed, density, sunspot number are provided. Diagrams and animations make Solar Monitor a professional tool, pushing the latest space weather alerts directly to your device.

Solar wind speed is rising to 600 km/sec, then it continues to rise to 700 km/sec. Color changes from yellow to red. Push Alert: X-CLASS-FLARE! Aurora hunters hit the road. Solar Monitor is predicting a strong geomagnetic storm. This leads to spectacular Aurora Borealis lights. Suddenly: ALERT! Kp-Index=7. STRONG STORM! It will be exciting…

Solar Monitor provides its users with an extraordinary experience. Rely on it, as thousands of friends of the Sun do around the world. You will be delighted to become an owner of this new advanced technology!

• Live Alert System – pushing space weather alerts directly to your device
• High resolution – near real-time – SDO/NASA images of the Sun
• Latest space weather reports and messages
• Minute-by-minute updating solar wind speed, density, x-ray flux, kp, IMF, sunspot number…
• Many different diagrams with either bright or dark background
• SDO/LASCO animation and much more…/id1317284385?mt=8&uo=4

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Version: 3.0
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