NDBC NOAA Buoy Weather Marine

Real-time marine weather data directly to your iOS device!

– More than 1.000 weather buoys available (with past data and forecast)
– Live Weather Alerts
– Search weather buoys by name, description, region, US state, or geolocation (latitude, longitude) GPS location service supported
– Save your favorite weather buoys
– Setting page to choose your favorite unit of measure
– Consult generic forecast map
– If offline, lastly available marine observations will always be accessible for every buoy

Search for weather buoys all over US, Central America, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan and Open Ocean and plan your fishing/sailing/surfing trip!

Available weather data:
– Current weather conditions
– Sunrise and sunset time
– Moon phase
– Wind direction, wind speed, wind gust
– Wave direction, wave height, wave period
– Air temperature, atmospheric pressure, dew point
– Water temperature
– Localize function
– Map with buoys
– Forecast weather
– Past data
– Find the nearest buoys according to your current position
– Map with significant wave height, dominant wave period and surface analysis.

IMPORTANT NOTE: With this App we display all the AVAILABLE weather data provided by NDBC at each location (buoy station). If you don’t see wave height, wind speed, or anything else, please understand it is not our fault but a lack of information at the source. Hence, do not leave (please) a bad review for something we can’t fix, as on reviews depends our survival on the market.


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Languages: EN
Released: 2017-07-17 19:54:51
Updated: 2017-07-25 14:28:51
Version: 1.1
Seller: Andrea Bisegna
Size: 13.38 MB


Video View:
You can get the trajectories(direction and time) of the sun/moon and the moon age at the current location on arbitrary days through the camera over the world(including heigh latitude)
The detail window shows the direction and time of the sun/moonrise and sun/moonset, various twilight and time of the calmination.
Also you can get the direction and time of the sunrise and sunset over the world on arbitrary days on “World Map View”.
You should calibrate the 0 degree level and the view angle of the camera before using.

World Map:
Please long press the location to calculate for sunrise/moonrise time on Map. And you can display the menu long-pressing on the detail window.
The calculated time is the local time when the internet connections available.
The green circle indicates the distance to the horizon.

Please avoid viewing the sun in a camera.
The gyro compass may not work in the car or the house.
Please use this app at the open space.


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Languages: EN, JA
Released: 2017-06-30 22:08:57
Updated: 2017-07-28 01:19:23
Version: 1.0.11
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Size: 38.30 MB

AWC NOAA Weather Aviation

NOAA AWC Aviation Weather app would delivers consistent, timely and accurate weather information for the world airspace system.

For each airport we provide:
– latitude, longitude and altitude
– sunrise, sunset and moon phase.

With this app you can:
– manage your favorites airports;
– discover the closest airport;
– choose the airports by country;
– see in map all the airports;
– search the airports by ICAO, IATA, name, latitude, longitude;
– set departure and destination, and see the route also in map;
– check weather alerts;
– setting page with many options.


If you find a mistake or typos in the app or you suggest any improvement or some airport is missing, please email us at plusmeteoapp@gmail.com Thanks.

The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious. And why shouldn’t it be? — it is the same the angels breathe.

— Mark Twain, Roughing It, Chapter XXII, 1886.


Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2017-06-29 22:54:43
Updated: 2017-07-07 18:33:08
Version: 1.1
Seller: Andrea Bisegna
Size: 12.52 MB

여우비 바다날씨

차원이 다른 똑똑한 날씨앱, 여우비 바다날씨!

기상정보를 수집하는 슈퍼컴퓨터가 주는 똑같은 데이터를 가지고도 그 수치를 어떻게 해석하느냐에 따라 날씨예보의 정확성은 천차만별입니다.
여우비 바다날씨는 한국해양기상기술이 자랑하는 수치예측모델 기반 복합 기상예측 엔진을 탑재하여 물때,파고/파향,수온,풍향/풍속 등 보트매니아, 낚시매니아 등 해양레저활동에 필요한 정보를 보기 쉽게 쏙쏙 모아서 한 눈에 보여드립니다!

▶ 날씨좋다고 해서 출조 나갔다가 X바람 맞고 고생 하신 분
▶ 바람좋다해서 세일링 나갔다 애꿎은 선외기만 고생시키신 분
▶ 일본 기상청 정보가 잘 맞는다고 믿고 계신 분
▶ 스마트폰 기본 날씨앱 외에는 암것도 모르시는 분

국내 지명검색이 잘되지 않던 해외 앱들은 가라~
여우비 바다날씨로 여유로운 나들이 계획 세우세요~!

– 전세계를 대상으로 10일 기상예측정보 제공
– 인근바다의 물때정보 자동감지 및 지역별 물때표/월령 제공
– 즐겨찾는 지역들을 모아서 날씨정보를 한눈에 비교해 볼 수 있는 닻내리기 기능
– 내륙이든 바다든 가리지 않고 제공하는 신뢰도 높은 세계적 수준의 UM모델 기반 가변격자 예측자료(최대 해상도 1.5km 간격)
– 한글 지명 검색
– 기상특보/기상레이더 영상 제공
– 설정 메뉴를 통한 단위변환


Price: Free
Languages: KO
Released: 2017-06-22 05:06:39
Updated: 2017-06-28 18:15:28
Version: 1.1
Seller: Koast
Size: 5.42 MB

Buoys Weather Forecast

Buoys Weather application is designed to retrieve weather information about buoys. Application database contains over 1800 buoys world wide and we use OpenWeatherMap and National Data Buoy Center API’s to give our users detailed information about buoys.

With our application you can`
• View Nearest buoys around you.
• Search buoys by their name or station id.
• Add buoy as favorite and view their weather info more faster.
• Add new buoy stations.
• Track buoys on map and filter them by 3 categories` All, Nearest, Favorites.
• Draw driving route on map and view distance and ETA.
• Configurate application measurement settings.
• Configurate nearest buoys count.
• Select any buoy and view detailed weather information.
• Select wind/wave direction row and find it on Compass page.

In buoys detail page you can view`
• Current temperature.
• Wind direction and speed.
• Wave direction and height.
• Sunrise and sunset time.
• Atmospheric, sea, ground level pressures.
• Humidity percent.
• Cloudiness percent.
• Minimum and maximum temperature.
• Data Observation date.

If you have any suggestion leave a feedback on application feedback page, we’ll view your feedback and try to make app better based on your suggestions.


Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2017-06-19 21:31:03
Updated: 2017-07-11 19:31:36
Version: 1.4
Seller: Vardan Abrahamyan
Size: 53.53 MB

Weather Plus – Weather Forecast

Weather PLUS App for iOS is the best option for accurate weather updates and forecasts. Lets you make confident decisions, whether you are planning for the day or the entire week!

• Forecasts: Hourly, daily, weekly.

• Home Screen: Changes based on your current weather, so you get your current conditions plus the weather info you need most.

• Detailed Current Conditions: Get “high/low” temperature, humidity and more.

• Add new location/city by searching in text field or by tapping on the map.

• Add multiple locations to find weather information.

• Find detailed weather information.
• Weather widget to find weather info even when the device screen is locked.

• Easily Add/Delete locations.

• Add multiple locations to find weather information.


Price: Free
Languages: AR, DA, NL, EN, FR, DE, EL, HE, NB, PL, PT, RU, ZH, ES, SV, ZH, TR
Released: 2017-06-15 20:22:26
Version: 1.0
Seller: Hamid Jan
Size: 65.78 MB


Prévoir le temps pour les 24 heures à venir avec près de 80% de chances de succès, c’est ce que vous propose théo.
Théo reprend simplement la méthode Moreux qui date des années 30. Cette méthode à partir de la direction du vent et de la pression atmosphérique, permettait de prévoir la météo.
Cette méthode repose sur le fait qu’il existe un certain nombre de situations types liées aux différentes masses d’air. Le baromètre y apporte une précision supplémentaire.


Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2017-06-08 08:25:09
Version: 1.0
Seller: Arnaud Cossa
Size: 12.86 MB

Long Screenshots

I believe that many users will encounter this situation, see a wonderful article, would like to share the WeChat friends circle, microblogging, the best way to share is to share the entire page screenshots, but suffer from no convenient tools, and finally can only share Links, friends are too lazy to open the link to see.

      Web page screenshot is such a simple but powerful application, you can convert the entire page into pictures, easy to save and share.

      Screenshot trouble? Do you want to take a long picture?
      Screenshot of the page – let the screenshot no trouble! Worry and effort!
      Web page screenshot is such a simple and practical application of powerful applications, you can convert the entire page into pictures, easy to save and share.
      Just enter the URL, click on all the contents of the page, create a full map, and save it to your album for easy access.
     1. Enter the URL you want to view
     2. A key screenshot, intercept all the contents of the page
     3. HD large picture, anytime, anywhere view


Price: Free
Languages: EN, ZH, ZH
Released: 2017-06-01 20:22:45
Updated: 2017-06-24 17:18:40
Version: 1.6.0
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