8-bit Weather – hyper local forecasts

“8-bit weather gets all the weather, squishes it through some kind of high-tech cyber-sieve, and gives it back to you nicely quantized with all the unnecessary bits removed. Let’s face it, who really needs more than 8 bits of weather at a time? Exhausting, and probably dangerous.” -Buster Orgone

– Current weather for your location
– Weekly forecast with highs, lows and pixel-y images
– Daily 8-bit summary and weekly overview
– Today extension with current temperature, max and min for the day, and 8-bit summary for the day
– Easy sharing via twitter, facebook, iMessage, etc…
– Slightly animated background!
– Coins! Try to get more coins! Use coins for refreshing data. Since when do weather apps have coins? Since now!
– Coins for looking, more coins for tapping around, and even more coins for… ???
– If you don’t understand ‘Celsius’, player 2 uses ‘Fahrenheit’!
– Ad free
– Original 8-bit sounds and music by Wizard Oz

Optimised for iPhone 6 but happy on other iPhones

Contact for ideas, issues, or anything else you like, I’d be happy to hear from you!


Price: $0.99 USD
Languages: EN
Released: 2015-08-05 04:43:32
Updated: 2016-09-22 20:58:48
Version: 1.4
Seller: Richard Shilton
Size: 18.48 MB