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– Have fun watching how the weather changes in your city.

– Enjoy our weather widget for your notification center (iOS8)

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Forget the weather man, now you’ve got your own weather dog!…/id827662429?mt=8&uo=4

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Storm Distance Tracker – Severe Weather Calculator

“My daughter loves this. Although I think it’s because it makes the dog leave her room when she plays the thunder sound. It was a great science lesson though” – KC West

“This is genius. I don’t have to count 1 mississippi anymore! love it!!!” – Dee Jewelry

“This app has come in handy lately. My three year old son is terrified during thunderstorms and this keeps him entertained and actually makes thunderstorms fun” – NRuffels

“Been trying to do this in my head for years. Now I can get exact measurements. App is easy to use and does its job we’ll” – Xnitex

“This app couldn’t have came along at a better time. We had storms on the east coast all day today!! I was able to figure how how much time I had to get things done outside. You saved me $1 on a poncho!! You rock!!!!” – Brandi Jackson

**The above statements are actual 5 star reviews from our users!

Storm Distance Tracker is exactly what the name suggests… a fun little tool that calculates the distance of a storm for you.

All you have to do is tap the lightning button when you see lightning, tap the thunder when you hear thunder, and then Storm Distance Tracker does the rest.

Within seconds you will know the distance any storm is from you!

Have fun with your friends and family while you calculate the distance of an approaching storm!


– Integrated Facebook and Twitter functions so you can easily share your results with friends and family
– The option to measure distance in miles and feet or kilometers and meters
– Sound option: turn the sound on and hear a roaring clap of thunder as the results appear
– Clear instructions as well as the basic science behind the calculation
– Large and easy to read “Lightning” and “Thunder” buttons help to prevent accidental button misfiring
– Split-second results generation



All Feedback and honest reviews are welcomed and much appreciated 🙂…/id552826195?mt=8&uo=4

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