Clima – Beautifully simple

Best Weather App or Widget (Winner of 2014 Overall Awards) – Best Mobile App Awards
Featured Several times in the AppStore – Apple
“I love everything about it and didn’t even think that was possible given the bazillion weather apps reviewed.” – Mikhail Madnani (Beautiful Pixels)
“(Clima) certainly brings some fresh ideas to the weather app genre, along with a nice sense of style.” – Mel Martin (TUAW)
“I’m enjoying the simple, bright UI, nifty animation touches and coaching in this iPhone weather app” – Matt Gemmell (@mattgemmell)

Clima show you all weather information, just beautifully simple. A series of color bars can tell you at a glance exactly current temperature and weather, you can see much more information quickly with just a gesture, hourly forecast, daily forecast, precipitation chance, sunrise, sunset, cloudy, humidity, …

= Features =
• Simple gesture-based design that allows to focus.
• Change between Current weather, Hourly forecast and Daily forecast with just a Swipe.
• Tap in the screen show different information.
• Widget to get weather fast and easy.
• Works world wide. Supports both ºC and ºF.
• You can change between km/h, mph and m/s for Wind information.

Based upon Brisk, an idea of Eddie Lobanovskiy

I’d love to know how we can make Clima even better, all feedback is welcome.…/id893902568?mt=8&uo=4

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Updated: 2017-09-22 14:53:24
Version: 2.3.2
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Meteorologist Compendium: Glossary with Flashcard, image illustration and free video lesson

One of the best dictionary, wiki, and free video lessons collection of METEOROLOGY in AppStore. This app covers the terms and study of the atmosphere and, especially, of weather.
This dictionary contains rich selection of thousands of latest and frequently used meteorology terms, abbreviations and definitions, which are all concisely written for quick and easy review. It also goes beyond the in-depth text definition and provides all in one illustration by images and video, also by Wiki in all respects for your comprehensive understanding of difficult terms. To make the learning more fun and easier, this software has included everyday vocabulary quiz with flashcard and self score to test how much you have remembered.

This software also uses straightforward infographics to help the users learn meteorology facts and its effect on each of us.

The app features:
– no internet required, offline dictionary
– 1000+ terms and definitions
– comprehensive illustration with images and video
– fun flashcard with self-scoring to test how much you have remembered
– fully browseable and searchable
– straightforward image illustration to understand the meteorology facts and its effect on each of us

It is perfect for all meteorology students and professionals, to have quick reference of the terms and to prepare for the exam. It is also ideal for people interested to familiarize themselves with the professionals language.

More content is in updating, please keep us informed if you have some further request or problem confronted.…/id902384531?mt=8&uo=4

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Languages: BS, HR, EN, FR, DE, IT, JA, KO, RU, SR, ZH, ES, ZH, UR
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Version: 2.0
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Twoja pogoda

Jedziesz na wakacje lub chcesz wiedzieć czy dziś po pracy będziesz musiał(a) zabrać parasol? Twoja pogoda przychodzi Ci z pomocą. Za pomocą aktualnych danych i wspaniałego intuicyjnego interfejsu zawsze będziesz znał(a) aktualną pogodę wraz z podziałem na poszczególne dni tygodnia. Aplikacja w sposób innowacyjny podchodzi do sposobu prezentacji danych. Raz instalując naszą aplikację już nigdy nie będziesz chciał korzystać z innych. 100% Satysfakcji.

Funkcjonalność aplikacji:
* aktualne dane pogodowe
* temperatura oraz stan pogody na dzień dzisiejszy
* temperatura oraz pogoda na poszczególne dni tygodnia
* graficzna prezentacja temperatury oraz ciśnienia
* innowacyjny graficzny interfejs użytkownika
* możliwość dodawania interesujących nas lokalizacji
* wyszukiwarka lokalizacji
* możliwość ustawienia jednostek temperatury w ustawieniach telefonu…/id899183297?mt=8&uo=4

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Version: 1.0
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Rainonme – Darksky Rain Alerts, Radar & Maps

* A top 10 Weather App this past week
*** Chief Digital Officer of the MET (NYC) mentioned rainonme to be one of his top 5 most useful apps

You’ll never need to open another weather app again – receive personal text messages sent to you the exact number of minutes before it rains at your location with 95% accuracy and get sent custom weather reports every morning and week. Anywhere you go, rainonme tracks your location to send you the most accurate rain & weather reports, without you ever having to open the app. Never get caught in the rain again.

Also view super-fast radar, cloud cover, and temperature maps to see when how quickly your day is going to be sunny and bright again!

Like us on Twitter @rainonmeapp:

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.…/id902156422?mt=8&uo=4

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Released: 2014-07-29 19:49:13
Updated: 2016-09-27 21:46:55
Version: 2.0.2
Seller: Matthew Sniff
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The biggest television owned weather station network in country is now available via your mobile device! KVII-TV’s “SchoolNet” is now over 170 stations and continues to grow all the time! The weather stations measure temperature, humidity, dew point, wind speed and direction, wind chill, heat index, rainfall, rainfall rate, barometric pressure and more options that are soon to be added! You can follow along as the LIVE weather data flows from our network into your phone! Included in this app are weather stations located throughout Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Kansas. In addition to a dense network of weather stations in the TX and OK Panhandles and Eastern NM, we also have weather stations in the Lubbock, Midland and Abilene, TX, areas as well!

To access “wind chill” and “heat index” values, simply touch the word, “Temperature”. To access dew point values, simply touch ”humidity”. To see the one minute average wind gust and the highest wind gust since midnight, touch once, then twice on the word, “Wind”. To see the rainfall rate, touch once on the word, “Rain”. To see the barometric pressure change since midnight, touch the word, “pressure”.

Contact Information: E-Mail

Phone Number: 1-800-777-5844, ext. 218


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Updated: 2015-06-28 14:32:14
Version: 1.9
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My Weather Station II

My Weather Station II quantifies and helps to manage a cozy environment from your smart device. The App coupled with WeatherCube, an appccessory with Bluetooth 4.0 capability and smart weather sensor integrate the indoor environment data from WeatherCube with weather predictions from internet and send thoughtful reminders so that users always make the best preparation for every weather situation.…/id874846662?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN, ZH, ZH
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Updated: 2017-04-13 02:05:13
Version: 3.0.00
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