iWind – Температура и ветер

Приложение предоставляет информацию с метеостанций Красноярского края и Хакасии о текущей температуре и скорости ветра.
В дополнение к фактическим данным, приложение отображает прогноз погоды на несколько дней вперед и историю по скорости ветра и температуре.


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Released: 2013-07-31 04:27:38
Updated: 2017-05-18 18:44:23
Version: 1.0.11
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Weather To Go

A simple weather app aimed at helping you to see Weather to Go or not…. Just open the app and let the app do everything.

Some key features include:
+ No look ups or searching, just open and find out the weather by you.
+ Current wether, hourly weather breakdown, weekly weather forecast
+ See how windy it is and will be
+ Hourly forecast for the next 48 hours
+ Toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius, just one click (not settings, etc…)
+ International weather stations (not only U.S.)

To get started simply download and open… that’s it.

Please note:
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Data provided by forecast.io


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Updated: 2015-08-13 00:33:57
Version: 1.8
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Wakr – Simple weather

Wakr shows you the current weather conditions in a simple yet powerful way.

Just shake your device to update the forecast for your current location.

Get daily forecasts for the next 7 days or use the hourly forecasts for the next 48-hours(can be extended to a week) to find out if you need to bring that umbrella with you.

This app uses data from the Forecast.io weather service.

*Wakr is now available at a reduced price*


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Updated: 2014-09-16 01:33:35
Version: 1.3.1
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Now Next Later

“This is minimalism at its finest.” – AppAdvice.

“The iOS weather app battleground has a stylish new entrant in the stripped-back-to-the-extreme Now Next Later.” – Creative Bloq

Now Next Later is a subtle weather app for iOS that shows the weather for anywhere in the world including your current location. Gone are the expected weather icons and in their place a simple particle system to show current conditions including rain, wind speed, clouds and snow.

Behind the particles the background colour changes to show the maximum temperature whilst text displays the high and lows together with the current weather conditions. Easily toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit by simply tapping the current temperature.

Swipe down to reveal the next three days forecast or double-tap anywhere to refresh to get the latest weather data from Weather Underground.

There are many feature rich weather apps on the app store but Now Next Later is designed to give you just the weather for wherever you happen to be in a beautifully simple way.


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Released: 2013-07-29 18:24:21
Updated: 2014-12-03 21:35:50
Version: 1.5
Seller: Brendan Dawes
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Weather has never been so easy.

Just open Vremea and you’ll have the current weather from your preferred cities.

In landscape mode you’ll have the forecast for the next 14 days

Vremea let you compare the weather from different cities.
(2 cities in Free version, up to 6 in paid version)

E.g.: If you are traveling, this feature will let you get informed on a single view, no need to swipe to change cities.

Vremea has a Flat UI


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Languages: EN
Released: 2013-07-28 23:31:29
Updated: 2016-01-05 18:51:17
Version: 2.0
Seller: Silviu Turuga
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MetService Rural Weather

***(Looking for the MetService Towns and Cities app? We’ve removed it from sale while we prepare to release a brand new version with a more user friendly interface and additional features. Best of all, it will be free! Look out for it in early April.)***

New Zealand’s favourite rural forecasts are now available in a handy smartphone app. The app is free of charge.

Features include:
• 10 day regional forecasts for 29 rural regions
• Severe weather information
• 2-hourly wind, temperature and rainfall forecasts for the next 48 hours
• 7.5 minute Rain Radar
• 3 day and 5 day rainfall forecast imagery
• The latest MetService TV Rural Outlook video
• Daily past weather for the last seven days
• User selected default location which is saved as the preference

The app does not include urban forecasts, marine information, mountain information or maps that are not included in the list above. The app is developed for smartphones and is not supported for tablets.

Full terms and conditions regarding the purchase and use of MetService mobile applications are available here: http://www.metservice.com/about/application-terms.

Note that this app is supported by advertisements.


Price: Free
Languages: CA, CS, DA, NL, EN, FI, FR, DE, EL, HE, HU, ID, IT, JA, KO, NB, PL, PT, RO, RU, ZH, SK, ES, SV, ZH, TR
Released: 2013-07-28 22:03:48
Updated: 2017-06-23 18:25:36
Version: 1.0.4
Seller: Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited
Size: 19.55 MB

Weather Fortune Teller

This fortune teller tells you ahead of the weather. Big Temperature display, windchill temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, barometer, moonphases and more values can hardly be desired. With this weather fortune teller you can have fun with the weather. A 4-days weather forecast and more is built-in.

Displaying weather data:
– Shows actual weather data
– location determination > enter city name
– Shows the Station name resp. the town
– 8 Weather situations: clouds, sun, rain, mist, snow, Frost etc…
– Temperature in °C or °F
– Windchill Temperature
– Humidity in %
– Wind force (+ Windcone/sock in 5 steps)
– Compass displaying the wind direction
– Air pressure (+ Balloon & animated Rotator)
– Actual moonphases displaying
– Date + time of the weather data
– Simulation of 8 Weather sceneries, Windsock, Balloon, Air pressure…
– Data: Internet, online (only a few Byte)

– 6 Cities with Test and GPS function
– Temperature in °C or °F
– Barometer in mb or hPa or Torr or psi or inHg
– Wind speed in kph or mph or kn or meter per second or Bft

More features:
– Button for updating Data
– Device do not turn off if run the App
– 4-7 Day Preview, Trend and more
– German Weather Podcast Videos (Video-Streaming)
– more precise Weather
– At snow: animated snowfall
– View the Drewpoint temperature
– moonphases
– Wiki City (Informations of your city)
– Ice Forecast (for your car windshield)
– Barometer History (the last 6 values)
– Not more use the location service, but enter your city in settings
– Adapted for iPad, iPod, iPhone 4,5,6,7,8…
– Universal App (work on iPhone, iPod and iPad)


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Updated: 2017-03-04 01:17:25
Version: 1.2
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合川突发事件预警信息发布平台 HD

“合川突发事件预警信息发布平台 HD”iPad客户端是一款为重庆市合川区气象局打造,集天气预报、实况信息、自然灾害产品、灾害预警信息、灾情上报等气象服务为一体的专业化平台。


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Languages: ZH
Released: 2013-07-27 20:52:50
Version: 1.0
Seller: Chongqing wordtech Technology Co., Ltd.
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Languages: ZH
Released: 2013-07-27 20:52:33
Version: 1.0
Seller: Chongqing wordtech Technology Co., Ltd.
Size: 16.09 MB

Weather en Route

Often times we check the weather for our current location and the weather for our designation before we set sail. Good enough, but how about the weather for other cities / counties along our driving route? As a person who likes to travel with a spontaneous attitude, I would like to know the weather more than just the ones for my start location and my destination because – I might stop and do some sight-seeing along the way.

This App is meant to provide you with weather information that you rely on mostly – degrees and weather condition – for the immediate cities / counties between your start location and destination along your journey. It enables you also to save these routes as you plan for your trips.

Once you have saved the route, you can start to plan ahead for these routes – to schedule in advance personal Reminders and pre-composed SMS messages for locations along your route. Once you have started monitoring, you could simply switch to another App or simply lock the phone screen and be at ease and be notified once you have reached a certain point along your route during your commune.

Tell your kids to stay within the building before you arrive, schedule a SMS to them at certain location beforehand, so that you could focus on the road and that they are aware you are nearby and be ready to come out and be picked up by you.

Furthermore every time you open the App planning for your trip, you will get a quote-of-the-day. If you can relate to and agree with the quote, you can post it on your wall and share it with your friends and families in Facebook with this App. A screenshot of the App will not be posted on your Facebook wall – just the quote.

Start planning for your trip while sipping your morning cup of coffee, read a quote, post it on Facebook if you’d like, take a snap shot of your loved one / beloved pet before you leave the house – this App is meant to offer some tranquility and fun while planning for your trip, may it simply be a joy ride on a Sunday or a work trip during weekdays.

Location and weather lookup requires WIFI or mobile data connection. Speed of data retrieval varies depending on the mobile service you are subscribed to / WIFI connection you are connected to.


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Updated: 2016-01-08 20:40:50
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