Rainiac uses custom algorithms for weather forecasting developed by TBMS and based on the Global Forecasting System (GFS).

It is the UK version of our popular weather software that has become the No.1 app in both countries that it has previously been launched in.

Rainiac has unique animated meteorological maps developed in-house. They illustrate clouds, temperature, rain, wind and snow for the next five days.

Rainiac contains information about 63 UK cities and the following European capitals: Amsterdam, Athens, Belgrade, Berlin, Bern, Bratislava, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Kiev, Lisbon, Ljubljana, Luxembourg, Madrid, Minsk, Monte Carlo, Moscow, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Reykjavik, Riga, Rome, Sofia, Stockholm, Tirana, Vienna, Warsaw, Warsaw and Zagreb.

If you would like to purchase our forecasting data or a custom built version of our animated maps, please contact us at weather@tbms.bg.


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首先設定預報地點可以設定12個地點,除了根據所在地或行政區域,也可以用 “搜尋” 的方式直接設定預報地點,讓您更容易設定民宿、旅館、或景點的預報位置。

天氣摘要以文字的方式,摘要重點天氣資訊。並提供今明兩天與昨天的平均溫度比較,可以作為您增添衣服的最好依據。特別要提醒使用者注意的資訊 (例如溫差較大時) 會以黃色顯示,讓使用者更容易注意到重要的資訊。並包含日出日落時間。

今明預報,提供三小時為單位的溫度變化及降雨機率,讓您知道早中晚的天候變化。除了氣溫外也提供體感溫度的資訊。最上方一列的天氣現況則是最新的氣象觀測結果。您也可以點選左上角的 “圖形/文字” 來切換顯示模式。圖形顯示模式,讓您一眼就能掌握未來兩天的溫度的變化。

一週預報,則提供最近一個星期的天候狀況、白天最高溫及夜晚最低溫。讓您了解未來一週的天氣變化,並安排合適的戶外活動。您可以點選左上角的 “圖形/文字” 來切換顯示模式。圖形顯示模式,讓您一眼就能掌握未來一週的溫度的變化。

1. 瀏覽天氣文: 可以看到氣象小編對天候狀況的貼心提醒。
2. 氣象答客問: 您可以提出天氣相關問題,小編會盡量為您回覆!
3. 累積雨量: 同時支援日累積雨量及最近一小時雨量。方便您掌握全台降雨狀況!
4. 定量降水預報: 提供您降雨量大小的預報。這個功能需要台灣新氣象Pro版本才有支援。
5. PM2.5空污指標: 提供細懸浮微粒指標(PM2.5),空氣污染指標(PSI, 涵蓋PM10、SO2、 CO、O3、NO2)的即時狀況及三天預報。讓您快速掌握全台三天內的空氣品質狀況。
6. 紫外線現況: 讓您瀏覽全台灣的紫外線強度,並作適當防曬措施。
7. 氣象防災電話: 提供您更多管道作天候狀況的通報及查詢,並讓您快速撥打緊急防災電話。(與Call Saver客服省錢通APP合作)
8. 給小編五顆星: 讓您透過app store評分給小編鼓勵或建議。



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Knoxville Wx – weather from WATE 6 On Your Side

Never let the weather catch you by surprise again. The trusted weather experts at WATE 6 On Your Side Storm Team deliver East Tennessee’s most accurate hour-by-hour forecast for the next day and for the week ahead. Unlike other weather apps, you’ll get a local forecast that is customized for you.

Download the Knoxville Weather app for fast, accurate local and national weather at your fingertips. With its personal alert notifications, you’ll know when significant weather is heading your way and when to take cover. And when you are traveling, use Knoxville Weather to get real-time weather forecasts, interactive radar and current conditions for anywhere in the U.S.

The Knoxville Weather app utilizes the most advanced radar maps, weather and digital technology available. With its easy to use interactive radar, you can take control and see where the storm is now and where it is tracking. Then, set customized alerts to keep you and your family informed and safe.

– Live interactive radar with many layering options lets you track the storms around you
– Alerts for severe weather go to your home screen and cue an audio alert
– The most accurate hour-by-hour forecast for the next day and week ahead for Knoxville and all of East Tennessee
– The latest video forecast from WATE 6 On Your Side Storm Team
– Current weather conditions for East Tennessee and anywhere in the United States
– Share the weather conditions via text message, email, Facebook or Twitter
– You can set multiple custom locations to track forecasts, alerts, radar, and more
– Closings and delays for Knoxville and East Tennessee
– Live streaming video from WATE 6 On Your Side


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Galileo Thermometer J Free

This is the stylish thermometer app. You can get to know the present temperature by Galileo thermometer graphics.

You can arrange wall papers and degree spheres as you like in future version.


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Updated: 2016-03-24 23:04:46
Version: 3.01
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忠县突发事件预警信息发布平台 HD

“忠县突发事件预警信息发布平台 HD”iPad客户端是一款为忠县气象局打造,集天气预报、实况信息、自然灾害产品、灾害预警信息、灾情上报等气象服务为一体的专业化平台。


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Version: 1.0
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Weathertron — Live Rain, Snow, Clouds & Temperatures

** Featured by Apple, New York Times, Wired, Fast Company, and more! **

Weathertron is a live infographic of the entire day’s weather. See exactly what to expect from every hour of the day — clouds, rain, snow, and temps — on one screen. Unlike most apps, it’s powered by 16 different weather data sources, statistically aggregated and weighted, so you always have the most accurate results for your location.

Quickly tell if you should wear a sweater this morning, or if your softball game will be rained out tonight. Weathertron makes it dead simple to plan your whole day around the weather.

“Super-Smart Weather App” — Wired Magazine

“Just the right balance of beauty and functionality. [Our] new favorite weather app.” — ZDNet

“Weathertron is one of the best weather apps I’ve used on my iPhone.” — TUAW

“So impressed by how good the Weathertron UI is. Everything you want to see at a glance. Very Tufte.” — Ryan Singer, 37Signals

— Unique 24-hour weather visualizations for today and tomorrow
— 7-day forecast visual report and narrative summary
— Weather forecasts for over 15,000 cities around the world
— Advanced aggregated data using 16 different weather models
— Choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius and 12-hour or 24-hour time


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Updated: 2015-09-24 11:58:17
Version: 1.0.8
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(Southern Nevada) Clark County Regional Flood Control District’s FloodSpot app has everything you need to stay Flood Safe in the palm of your hands.

• Interactive Flood Zones Map
• Weather Reports
• Report Floods with geo-tagged photo/video uploads then inform your friends & family via Facebook and Twitter
• Get Push Notifications for Reported Flash Floods, Alternate Routes
 and Weather Updates
• Facts & Tips on Flood Safety
• Find Flood Insurance Agents in your area
• Read Facts & Tips about protecting Stormwater
• Report Stormwater Polluters

PLUS – Immerse yourself in a fun-for-all-ages educational Interactive Game. Avoid the flood waters in this never ending, yet ever changing course to complete more than 20 challenging objectives.


Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2013-06-27 02:03:25
Updated: 2017-08-03 16:55:48
Version: 2.7.2
Seller: Clark County Regional Flood Control District
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La Salle Weather

This application allows the user to obtain weather info about the current location. The application also allows the user to store and manage bookmarked locations as well as get current weather information for all of La Salle’s campuses throughout the world.


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Updated: 2013-08-16 20:18:05
Version: 1.0.3
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