Australia Weather Information Lite for iPad

Sourced from Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

Try the free version of the #1 weather app in Australia.

What you get in this FREE version of AUS Weather App?
-Current weather reading from max, min, apparent temperature, dew point, humidity, wind, uv index, pressure and more.
-Probability and range of rainfall for the following 7 days.
-Wind direction and speed for the following 7 days.
-Forest and grass fire index for next 7 days.
-Forecast for the next 7 days with detail description.
-Nearby locations to compare current weather details.
-Exclusive Location finder which uses your current GPS location to get nearest weather information automatically.
-Exclusive information on Fire Index and UV Index.
-Exclusive celestial information from sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset to major and minor periods information used by fishermen and hunters.
-Exclusive five different themes to choose from. Shown below is Default theme, this is our favourite since it makes the information highly visible.

What you get in this FULL version of AUS Weather App (available in App Store)?
-Radars from 64km, 128km, 256km and 512km to predict when rainfall will reach you.
-Radar rainfall over certain areas for the last 6 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours and rainfall since 9am.
-Use the Doppler Effect radar to view direction and speed of wind.
-National satellite imagery with radar.
-Exclusive 3 hourly weather forecast for next 72 hours and 6 hourly forecast for next 7 days for all location in Australia.
-Exclusive Push Notifications to receive weather information or BOM warnings. Perfect for morning weather update or for a fast warning alert.
-Exclusive Interactive Maps that show weather and seas forecast patterns for Australia.
-Exclusive weather charts showing today’s temperature, maximum, minimum, humidity and rainfall.
-Exclusive 24 hour forecast chart to show visually the forecast temperature, maximum, minimum, humidity and rainfall.
-Exclusive 7 day forecast chart shows visually the forecast for the week ahead. Get forecast temperature, mean monthly maximum, mean monthly minimum, humidity and rainfall.
-Exclusive marine information on tides, seas and wind.
-Only app to provide Australian district weather forecasts.
-Interactive maps on:
● Surface Pressure and Rainfall
● MSLP and Thickness
● Wind Speed and Direction
● Geopotential Height
● Temperature
● Relative Humidity
● Dew Point
● Combined Sea and Swell
● Primary Swell
● Wind Waves
● Swell Period
-Also includes an animated Synoptic Chart.

We provide the most accurate weather information from Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) sources so be assure the information is always correct and not sourced from overseas.

Please consider getting the full version if you enjoy using this free App. For a tiny purchase price the full version contains load more information, charts and maps.

– This App contains weather information only about Australian states and its territories.
– The data is sourced from Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and was not developed or published by BOM. Any questions, bugs or recommendations should be sent to us or visit us at


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TOP 10 applications Weather in France

Fulgur is the application most simple and efficient to calculate the distance to a thunderstorm.

Just press the button when you see a light and release it when you hear thunder rumbling.
Fulgur will calculate the distance to the storm and display its location on a map, all in real time.

In addition a color indicator informs you of the risks that you incur in relation to your distance to the storm.

Now when you see a storm, you will think Fulgur!…/id521582602?mt=8&uo=4

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Languages: FR
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Updated: 2014-04-27 18:35:56
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◆今日明日、週間天気 …市区町村単位で今日明日の天気、週間天気をご覧いただけます。

◆降水確率バッチ …登録した地点の降水確率をホーム画面のアイコン上に表示!


◆台風情報 …台風の発生から3日先の動向まで、
画面下の再生ボタンをタップすると台風の進路図がアニメーションで確認できるので いつ台風が接近するのか、上陸するのか、簡単に確認することが出来ます。



◆警報・注意報情報 …現在発表されている警報・注意報をご確認頂けます。





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BRANDRISK Ute är en app som Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap (MSB) tillhandahåller för privatpersoner.

Under främst vår- och sommarhalvåret hjälper BRANDRISK Ute dig att hålla koll på brandrisken i skog och mark och förser dig med tips och råd för att kunna minska riskerna att orsaka gräs- och skogsbränder.

När du startar appen får du med hjälp av positioneringsfunktionen i din Iphone eller Ipad aktuell risk för din plats för gräsbrand och skogsbrand.

Du kan också söka efter vilken risk det är för andra platser.

Prognosen uppdateras varje dygn och gäller för aktuell dag samt fem dagar framåt. Prognosen delar in Sverige i rutor om 11×11 km och prognoserna utgår ifrån medelvärdet i dessa rutor. Därför kan det lokalt finnas områden som har högre eller lägre risk än vad prognosen anger. Brandriskdata hämtas från SMHI.

I applikationens översiktskartor finns prognoskartor för hela landet för gräsbrand och även de två olika prognoserna för skogsbrand. Den ena kartan visar antändningsrisk, som utgår från markfuktigheten, och den andra kartan visar spridningsrisken om en skogsbrand skulle starta. Observera att översiktskartorna för skogsbrand anger brandriskvärdena i fler nivåer än de förenklade riskvärden som visas med symbolen i färgerna rött, gult och grönt i applikationens startläge.

I appen finns också filmer, checklistor och information om hur du lär dig mer om säkrare eldning i skog och mark.

Tänk på att brandrisken kan variera lokalt och att vädret kan skifta snabbt. Var extra vaksam på hur det blåser och elda inte när det blåser mycket. Var alltid försiktig när du eldar.…/id521121507?mt=8&uo=4

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Updated: 2017-05-29 06:12:21
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With this beautiful application you can check temperature and weather anytime and anywhere*.

Thermometer+ features a dynamic interface that will not only show you the current temperature but also the local weather conditions.

* Current Temperature
* General conditions
* Hourly updated weather
* Dynamic photo backgrounds
* Icon badge displaying current temperature (12 hour forecast)
* Possibility to pick a location by a city name or a zip code
* Detailed live weather conditions:
– Wind speed
– Wind direction
– Humidity
– Pressure
* 5-day forecast
* Imperial/Metric system switch

*This weather application works only in United States of America. Application requires a working GPS module and Internet connection to download weather data.…/id494877276?mt=8&uo=4

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Harness the horsepower of NBC2’s First Alert Power Doppler system right on your phone! The First Alert Weather app gives you access to Southwest Florida’s only live, local radar.

Our radar scans the sky with the highest precision and detail, even tracking rain the other radars miss. And it updates every minute, giving you the most powerful, most accurate information right in the palm of your hand.


-> Zoomable local (Southwest Florida) and national radar
-> Visible and infrared satellite cloud imagery
Current conditions based on location
Hourly, three-day and seven-day forecasts, in both quick-view or detailed format
Customize your weather locations by ZIP or City
Regional and nationwide temperature map…/id520581935?mt=8&uo=4

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Gefahrenkarte zeigt die möglichen Wirkungsräume und die Gefahrenstufen von Naturgefahren als Overlay für das Gebiet des Kantons Bern. Sie liefert eine detaillierte Übersicht über den Wirkungsbereich, die Intensität und die Eintretenswahrscheinlichkeit von Naturgefahren, welche ein bestimmtes Gebiet gefährden können. Sie bilden nicht nur bekannte, sondern auch potenzielle Ereignisse ab wobei Ereignisse mit einer Wiederkehrperiode bis zu 300 Jahren berücksichtigt werden.
Damit beantwortet die Gefahrenkarte jene Fragen, die sowohl für Kantons- und Gemeindebehörden als auch für Grundeigentümer, Versicherer und Anlagebetreiber von grösstem Interesse sind: Was kann wo, wie oft und wie stark passieren?
In Gemeinden, in denen Naturgefahren eine Gefahr für die Bevölkerung und erhebliche Sachwerte darstellen, wurden und werden innerhalb des besiedelten Gebietes detaillierte Gefahrenkarten für Lawinen-, Sturz-, Rutsch- und Wassergefahren sowie Absenkung/Einsturz (Dolinen) ausgearbeitet. Dabei werden je nach Intensität und Eintretenswahrscheinlichkeit der Gefahrenprozesse rote, blaue, gelbe und gelb-weisse Gefahrengebiete ausgeschieden (erhebliche-, mittlere-, geringe Gefährdung und Restgefährdung).

Die Gefahrenkarte beinhaltet die durch den Kanton Bern ausgearbeiteten Gefahrenstufen für die Fläche des Kantons Bern. Die gefährdeten Gebiete werden gemäss den definierten Gefahrenstufen eingefärbt und können wahlweise über die Karten- oder Satellitenansicht geblendet werden.

Zur Zeit werden folgende Daten angezeigt:
– Synoptische Gefahrenkarte
– Synoptische Gefahrenhinweiskarte
– Perimeter in welchem detaillierte Untersuchungen gemacht wurden…/id497483668?l=en&mt=8&uo=4

Price: CHF 2.00 CHF
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Farming weather forecast and services by New Holland Agriculture

The essential app for farmers: it provides professional forecasts dedicated to agriculture and important data such as evapotranspiration, degree days and almanac to compare current conditions with average of the same period. In one single place it also provides the most important news on farming and professional agriculture directly from the most authoritative sources. Also locate your nearest New Holland dealer and get driving directions to reach the dealership or contact New Holland for further information or requests.

Current conditions data are taken from over 71,000 weather stations across the world including agro-meterological elaboration
– Almanac, historical average temperature for today
– Degree days (at 0 and 10° C)
– Evapotranspiration
– Alert service based on your preference for dangerous weather phenomena
– Historical data with a summary of the observed weather for the specified date
– Current temperature and feels like temperature
– Barometric pressure
– Humidity
– Wind, direction and gust
– Moon phase, sunrise and sunset times

In one single place, be updated on the agriculture latest news and trends:
– News from agricultural trade press on line
– News from agricultural forums and blogs
– News from New Holland

Find the dealer nearest on the map with GPS
– Get directions and see the route to follow
– Directly contact the dealer by call or email
– Add your favorite dealer to your contacts…/id520142846?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN, FR, PL, PT
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Updated: 2013-02-22 02:27:32
Version: 1.5
Seller: CNH Italia S.p.A. (New Holland Agriculture)
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更棒的是, 它还提供了未来大事的倒计时提醒功能。因此, 你可以通过它方便快捷地获取到各种赛事、会议、展览、电影、考试、节假日等事件发生的准确时间, 让你成为朋友眼中的百科达人哦!


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