Byvejret is the most convenient and quickest way to stay ahead of the weather – where ever you are.

If you are a weather enthusiast or just curious regarding your local weather forecast, the actual data is presented to you in a simple daily report.

– Sunrise and sunset times for selected location
– Atmospheric pressure
– Wind strength and direction indicators
– 24 hour forecast with graphic representation of temperature and precipitation
– 5 day weather forecast with options to show hourly conditions
– Get severe weather alerts

In the settings you are able to choose temperature and wind speed measurement units.

Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK.

We are always looking to improve our services, so don’t hesitate to write us with your suggestions.

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The App METEOMONT has been developed by the ITALIAN NATIONAL SNOW and AVALANCHE WARNING SERVICE to acquire information about weather and snow, to consult the avalalnche bulletin and to use some useful tools for mountain and backcountry users, already published on the website
The App has been organized to meet different users’ demand, from less expert to professionists, from the ordinary to the backcountry skier, from the observer to the forecaster or the civil protection personnel.
Avalanche bulletins report the avalanche danger on a regional scale. Meteomont App use doesn’t extempt users from seriously and carefully assessing the local danger and the individual slope under their own responsability.
Users’ personal assessment can be considerably different from the danger level reported in the bulletin. Remind that avalanche danger is equivalent to a danger of death.
Data, information and forecast provided by Meteomont App could be erroneous and/or inaccurate and/or incomplete. Meteomont service is not responsible for any damage or injury to things or people caused by an incorrect use of the information provided by the Meteomont App.
Meteomont Service reserves the right to partly or totally change or remove the contents or discontinue the service without notice at any time.…/id357825624?mt=8&uo=4

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What’s the weather like right now at JFK or Irkutsk airport? Simply enter the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) code, or navigate there on the map, and you get the latest METAR data (Meteorological Airport Report).

On the Map view, you can see the METAR reports from airports near your current location, or wherever you decide to look on the planet! Save stations in the Favorites list, and you can see with 1 tap what the latest METAR report says.

METAR data: (

Cloud Photos: Bernhard Mühr (…/id357532318?mt=8&uo=4

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Sunrise Radar

Sunrise Radar
Don’t let any reson stop you. Sunrise Radar helps you see beautiful sunrise.


Features(v1.2) :
1. Use GPS and Compass to find sunrise azimuth and time.
2. Support an location input tool to change your latitude and longitude.
3. Support an geocoding tool to get your latitude and longitude by address.
4. Diary : Take pictures with location and time infomation.
5. Diary : Write picture story in diary.
6. Diary : Share picture and story to Facebook album.
7. Diary : Save picture and story to Photo Library.
8. Diary : Email picture and story to friends.
9. Diary : Get Google Static Map of the location.
10. Diary : Support pictures slideshow.
11. And more.…/id357418634?mt=8&uo=4

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Bungee Stickmen – Classic Edition {FREE}

█ Have hours of fun doing 180 jumps in this physics based app! Calculate the length of rope and watch the stickmen dive. The stickmen are extreme sportsmen, get them close to the ground to give them a thrill, but be careful or they will splat!!! Each level is more difficult than the last. Can you complete all 180?


Bungee Stickmen uses actual physics parameters to let the stickman dive, bounce and splat in a very realistic way. You are the bungee master! Use Newton’s laws of physics to work out what rope length you need. Then let gravity do the rest.

Adjust the settings to either imperial or metric measurements!

Calculate the best length of unstretched rope based on the following:

Bungee Tower Height
Stickman Height
Stickman Weight
Rope Flexibility

Give the stickmen a thrill! You gain points as he nears the ground. But hit the ground and you lose points. You need a certain number of points to progress to the next level.

You get 3 jumps to meet the level points target. There are 5 levels to each stage. The PRO version has 12 Stages with increasing difficultly.

Bungee Stickmen uses openfeint for scoring and social networking.


Webtopia iPhone Apps is the trading name for Poulet Maison Pty Ltd…/id356393368?mt=8&uo=4

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Moon Today

MoonToday is your guide to moon phase!
And lunar Calendar too.

Easily find for today or any day
– moon phase
– lunar Calendar

Other features:
– Slide up/down/left/right to change the date
– Select dates unlimited…/id354579168?mt=8&uo=4

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Updated: 2017-10-31 00:59:41
Version: 6.0
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Features bergfex/ski App:

Wetter- und Schneedaten, sowie über 5000 Webcams zu den Skigebieten in Österreich, Schweiz, Deutschland, Italien, Frankreich und Slowenien.

– Schneehöhen und Schneeberichte der Skigebiete
– 9 Tages Wettervorhersage inkl. Schneevorhersage
– über 5.000 Webcams und Panoramakameras, über 200 Video Webcams
– Pistenpläne in hoher Auflösung
– Detailinformationen zu den Skigebieten
– Kontaktinfos
– Schneevorhersagekarten

Organisiere deine Lieblingsskigebiete!…/id355025015?mt=8&uo=4

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Version: 2.4.3
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Skeptical Science

Ever heard someone claim Global Warming isn’t happening? Did their explanation seem wrong but you didn’t know why?

Skeptical Science helps you find out what the peer reviewed science has to say about global warming. The easy navigation by skeptical argument allows you to take a statement and find out for yourself whether it is based on credible science or not.

Skeptical Science allows you to:
– learn more about the science of global warming
– respond to statements by skeptics with hard science

Skeptical Science also allows you to report when you have heard a particular skeptical argument. Your information is used to keep track of what arguments are ‘flaring up’ all across the world.

This application works offline, and regularly synchronises information from…/id353938484?mt=8&uo=4

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Vancouver Weather & Venues

Get real-time weather for Vancouver, The Lower Mainland and surrounding areas.

This is a handy must have tool for anyone looking for real-time weather and forecasts. Whether you are heading up to the Whistler, catching a ferry to Victoria, or taking a wine trip to the Okanagan this app will give you up to date weather and forecast information.

Also, get connected directly with the venues and events.…/id353292569?mt=8&uo=4

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Updated: 2010-04-26 23:04:18
Version: 1.2
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