Weather Calc

If you’re a pilot, you often need to make lots of weather related calculations. Now there’s an easy solution, as close as your iPhone.

Weather Calc performs the following weather relation calculations:

Altimeter Setting – compute the altimeter setting based on elevation and station pressure
Cricket Temperature – just for fun! This lets you estimate the temperature based on the chirp rate of a cricket
Heat Index – compute the heat index based on the temperature and relative humidity
Pressure – convert between hPa, atmospheres, psi, and inches and mm of mercury (Hg)
Relative Humidity – compute the wet bulb and dewpoint based on the temperature, pressure, and relative humidity
Speed Of Sound – displays the speed of sound in various units, given the temperature
Standard Atmosphere – compute the temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, speed of sound, and more
Station Pressure – compute the station pressure based on the elevation and altimeter setting.
Temperature – convert between degrees Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin, and Rankine
Virtual Temperature – compute the virtual temperature based on the temperature, dewpoint, and pressure
Vapor Pressure – com[ute the saturated and actual vapor pressure, as well as relative humidity
Wet Bulb – compute the dewpoint and relative humidity based on the temperature, pressure, and wet bulb reading
Wind Chill – compute the wind chill based on the temperature and wind speed
Wind Speed – convert between knots, kilometers/hour, meters/second, miles/hour, feet/second

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“(…) is a Nearly Perfect Storm of Information. If you’re a weather dweeb like I am, WeatherCyclopedia will send you sky high. Telemet, the developer bills this app as “The Most Comprehensive Weather Encyclopedia under the Sun” and I believe it.” Editor’s Picks score 9/10.

“I have not spent much of my time looking through encyclopedias in general. However, this app seems to be just what it claims, The Most Comprehensive Weather Encyclopedia Under the Sun, (…) this app can answer all of your questions and more”.

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Climate awareness is at the forefront of our daily news – know what they are talking about!

We created WeatherCyclopedia™, The Most Comprehensive Weather Encyclopedia Under The Sun.
Everything you ever wanted to know about weather concepts and terminology is now at your fingertips.
Thousands of topics will be explained to you in an easy to understand language, supported by vivid graphics and animations.
We also included an extensive glossary and trivia.

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Index of® WeatherCyclopedia™:

Creation of Weather

-The Source of Weather

-The Weather Builders
Moisture, Pressure & Temperature
Air Masses
Pressure Systems
Airflow Patterns

-The Elements

-The Effects
Highs & Lows
Tropical Cyclones
Floods & Droughts

-Celestial Phenomena

Climates of the World

-Climate Zones
Differentiation Climate/Weather
Climate Zones

-Climate Changes
History & Causes
Future Climate

-Geographical & Seasonal Variances
El Nino/ La Nina
Ocean Currents

Weather Forecasting

-Data Gathering
-Areas of Forecasting
-Maps & Symbols

Weather Trivia

-Weather Extremes
Major Disasters
Historical Weather Events

-History of Meteorology
Non scientific ways to predict weather
Weather Funnies

-Weather Safety & Health
Precautions to take during different weather phenomenon
Illnesses related to weather


And hundreds of other subchapters and topics under each subject.
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Fishing Calendar

Fishing Calendar is an advanced Solunar prediction calendar that shows you the best fishing times for any location at any time. Every angler knows that the best bite times are when the fish are feeding, typically at dusk and dawn. But there are other factors to consider. With the help of a Fishing Calendar you will increase your catch!

This powerful application allows you to take a photo of your catch, add description, size, weight, weather, bait, etc… to build your personal database. You can even share your catch with friends!

Some of the features:
– Prediction of the best fishing times
– Infinite prediction calendar with iCal share
– Day, month and week view of fishing efficiency
– Moonrise, moonset and moon overhead times
– Moon Phase
– Sunrise and sunrise times
– Minor and major periods
– Worldwide calendar for any location
– Imperial and metric units
– Buy once use on iPhone and iPad…/id305708971?mt=8&uo=4

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UO Macau Weather

UO Macau Weather provides iPhone user the current Macau weather with most updated and more accurate data.

– Current Temperature and Humidity
– Detail weather information of today
– Regional Temperature and Air Quality
– 3 Days Forecast
– Typhoon Report…/id305614906?mt=8&uo=4

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Hava Durumu (Weather Forecast for Turkey)

Hava Durumu uygulaması Türkiyenin hava tahmin verilerini ve haritalarını sizlere sunmaktadir. Sunulan veriler Türkiyenin en güvenilir hava tahmin kaynağından Meteroloji Genel Müdürlüğünden alınmaktadır.

– Türkiye geneli, bölgeler, şehirler ve seçtiğiniz şehriniz için hava durumu verileri,
– Türkiye geneli hava durumu uyarıları,
– Sabah, Öğle, Akşam, Gece ve gelecek 5 gün için hava durumu tahmin haritaları.

English description:
Hava Durumu application presents weather forecast data and weather forecast maps of Turkey. It retrieves its information from the most reliable weather forecast source of Turkey, Turkish State Meteorological Service.

– Presents weather forecast for Turkey in general, regions of Turkey, cities of Turkey and for the city you selected.
– Presents weather forecast warnings.
– Presents daily weather forecast maps for morning, afternoon, evening and night, and for the next five days.…/id303916823?mt=8&uo=4

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USC iTommyCam

Tommycam is back!

The University of Southern California runs a 24/7 webcam from the top of the building overlooking Tommy Trojan and Alumni Park.

Tommy Trojan, a life-size bronze statue located in the center of USC’s historic University Park Campus, is the university’s collegiate symbol and a favorite campus meeting spot since 1930. The brick building to Tommy’s left is the Bovard Administration Building, built in 1922. Trousdale Parkway, a main thoroughfare on campus, is on the right. The glimpse of lawn and trees in the upper right is Alumni Park, which sits in front of Doheny Library.

This is a free app for iPhone and iPod touch which allows you to view live images from Tommy Cam in real-time.

USC is one of the world’s leading private research universities, located in the heart of Los Angeles.

Made by Trojans for Trojans. Fight on!

You can also view TommyCam on the web at

Developed by GreenGar Studios
Formerly Gengar Studios…/id303714737?mt=8&uo=4

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